Chat Bot Basic

Chat Bot Agents engage conversations.Welcome to BWT Chat Bot Basic. On this page you select options for configuring your chat bot or video. We need to build each chat bot from scratch so your input is necessary. Please supply the following information

Our team has been alerted of your purchase and are on it. We generate a chat bot or video based on the input you supply. We will be sending you an introductory email with instructions on how to proceed.

What ot expect (1) basic chat bot with your company information ready to host on your website. You will need to be able to update your website. If you need help we can assist you. (2) days to complete. This process does take time and requires design reviews and approvals. It is a process that takes time to complete. We will contact you through the email address you supplied.

We ask for specific information to include in the chat and the opening voice over. We ask for you to name your avatar. If you leave this blank we use the supplied name. Hint; this could be your own name to give the chat agent the appearance that you personally are interacting with the user.

Chat Bot Avatars

Basic Chat Bot Agent

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


We need your information to populate the chat bot. BWT will be contacting you shortly to confirm your request. Mean while our team is assembling your chat bot. When complete we email you a link to a preview page for your approval. You can make changes or otherwise give your approval to the design. We sent you an email to the address you entered in the form on this page. Please respond to that email with any changes or to give approval.

You may be interested in our premium support packages

We have chat support packages. Basic at $14.95USD/mo and Premium at 24.95USD/mo.

Basic Support Package

Choose this option for just one Chat Bot Agent.

14 day free trial

  • 1 Chat bot Campaign
  • Monthly hosting
  • 1 Monthly Data Report
  • 1 chat update/mo.
$14.95 USD/mo.

Premier Support Package

Choose this option for multiple Chat Bot Agents.

14 day free trial

  • All Chat Bot Campaigns
  • Monthly hosting
  • Multiple Data Reports/mo.
  • Unlimited chat updates/mo.
$34.95 USD/mo.

Why You Need Chat Bot Support

Chat bot agents work automatically. When a user interacts with the form the information is recorded. By law we can't just share that information publically. However we can share it with you privately. You may wish to have this information sent to your marketing people periodically so you can continue your relationship with new customers.

You look smart! When a customer contacts you they remember what they think they said to you earlier. With a support package you get it in writing. You can replay any chats previously recorded. Wouldn't that be of help to your business?