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Learn Drop Shipping At SaleHoo Educate 2022-08-10

Hi all, for this video we talk about getting a dropshipping education. Do you want to learn the dropshipping trade? Looking to start an online store?

Fast track your success with ecommerce training by our experts. Learn how to accelerate your success, attain financial freedom, and get first class support. Take the training course. SaleHoo Educate is a collection of online courses & resources that will help you save time, make money, & scale your business faster.

Join Thousands of Students on the Path to Success With 13 Hours of On-demand Video Lessons. 30+ Bonus Educational Resources and hundreds of Hacks to Fast-track Your Success.

What you will learn is, how to do Drop shipping on Shopify, and Amazon Product launch. Get started today, click the link below...

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BWT Videos Social Media Video Clip Generators 2022-08-14

Social media video clip generators - A collection of animated video clip templates for your business, brand, product or service. Need a video like, right now? Get social media animated video clips ready to customize quickly. Starting at $10.00. Niche based promotional clips great for social sharing. Quickly create and customize a video template, right now...

BWT Videos Quick Clips And More

Video App Suite Box
Are you the "Do It Yourself" type? Then these apps are for you. They contain all of our Video App Suite templates. Over 900+ video templates to choose from. Make all types of videos including, intros, outros, FB Cover, Slide Machine, Logo Mockup, Health Care, Real Estate, Kinetic Typography and more.

Highly customizable templates ready for social sharing, video marketing and personal expression. Add your own videos, images, titles, logo and contact info. These excellent video creation apps have dozens upon dozens of royalty free and copyright free custom animated video templates already made for you. Simply modify, render and download. Plus, get free support from us at BWT Videos. You can't go wrong with BWT Videos...

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What Could Be Better Than Blogging? 2022-08-19

Better than blogging
click to open
C 2.0 is better than blogging Blogging can do so many things it is hard to imagine what could be better. Blogs have so many things going for them, that many websites are only blogs. It seems that the only way to improve on that would be to go beyond the blog. Now, you tell me!

Do you have a great blogging solution? Let us know just start typing in the window below and open the submission editor. Include images, text, links and contact info if you like. Your submission is a great way to get some free traffic.

Better Than Blogging

Do you have a technique that's better than blogging? Or a blog that's better than Content 2.0? Or a blogging strategy that works? Why not let everyone know what works for you. Your turn...

Not ready to submit? Learn more about SBI C2 content submission challenge here...

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Spokesperson Promo 2022-08-23

Spokesperson Promo Are you Looking for a spokesperson for your next video? Consider an animated HumanPal. HumanPals are artificial humans with text to speech generator. We can speak and translate into over 60 languages or upload a real voice over. Just send us your script or voice over. Check out this video made with HumanPal Tim.

Spokesperson Promo

Graphic Art for Digital Marketers.We can create multi language videos or multiple versions in different languages. Create high quality low cost spokesperson animations for your brand, business, product or service. Great for explainer, marketing, product or service promotion. Contact us to get started.

You get an animated spokesperson video with copyright and royalty free background images, branding with your logo and business info, overlay animated text (title, slogan, tagline), and a custom soundtrack. Delivered in full HD, 1080p .mp4 file. Click the link below to get started...

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Auto Detailing Promo For Sale 2022-08-25

Are you in the auto detailing business? Then this video is for you. Even if you are not into auto detailing watch this video...

Auto Detailing Promo

Try Video Marketing
Are you looking to have a marketing video made for your business? Try BWT Videos. We have hundreds of marketing scripts for about every niche imaginable. If we don't already have a great script, we can write one for you.

Take the script for Auto Detailing Promo for example. We started with a pre-made 15 second blurb and added another 15 seconds to improve the message. We personalized it by having the actor introduce himself at the beginning. Then we improved the dialogue in the body of the script. And ended with a new call to action. Then we generated the voice over.

BWT Videos specializes in animated spokesperson marketing videos. Why not give us a try and get a cool video made for your auto detailing... or whatever... business today? Find out more about 3d animated spokesperson video creation. Click the link below...

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National Dog Day 2022-08-26

Did you know today is National Dog Day. We observe this holiday on August 26th to recognize the importance of dogs and how they impact our lives. This dog day in August was first recognized in 2004 as an official holiday.

But wait! aren't The dog days in the middle of summer. You know when the star Sirius the dog star appears to rise alongside the sun, in July. Usually associated with the hottest days of summer. Ancient Greeks believed this combination caused it to be so hot even dogs would lay around and pant.

So why is this holiday in late August? Is it because we are celebrating that the dog days, have past? Or, Is it because the dog was so lazy it took this long for it to get here? Either way it's Dog Day. So go celebrate, dog gone it.

Get cool video #shorts like this for your own business. Contact us today at...

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