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Fill In The Business Info Form Tutorial On 3d Animated Avatars 2021-03-02

Here's one of my favorite website tips. Fill in the form encouragement. Most people are reluctant to fill in online forms when they are not sure how they will be used. It is a good idea to inform them in advance of how the form will be used.

3d Animated Avatars Info Form Tutorial

Tim Avatar 3d presenter
We use this video in conjunction with our 3d animated avatar video productions. When we create a promo video for you we include a custom endscreen. To do that we need to collect your business info. For that purpose we created this secure email form. The form is secure but the tutorial video is public.

In this video we show examples of what the form does. The viewer can easily decide to invest (or not) knowing a secure form of communications will be established. We include instructions on how to fill in the form from a 3d animated artificial intelligence agent, Umm, I mean avatar.

This video demonstrates the usefulness of BWT Video's Avatar Family collection. Here we show a screen capture for a 'how to' tutorial video. With naration by an A.I. spy. Umm, I mean artificial intelligence agent. See more on the next page...

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Countdown From Start to 2 with SMPTE test pattern and 1000Hz Tone 2021-03-04

Hi all, way back when I was a film colorist doing motion picture film transfers to video. I had a lot of arguments with people over how well a video image looked. As the colorist it was my job to capture the best quality an image could present. Sometimes that led to fights over how well that was done and how well an image could or should look.

I won't go into all the technical aspects of how to win that argument everytime. Suffice it to say, that this argument has been going on since Edison invented the motion picture camera. To that end industry standards were created that gave us video and film engineers the tools we needed to accurately and consistanly calibrate a monitor (or any video equipment for that matter). And win that argument.

The standards committee at 'The Society Of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers' (SMPTE) came up with standardized charts, color bars and referrence tone for video calibration.

When the broadcast industry got started us broadcasters insisted every videotape come with a startup countdown so we could precisely time when video segments were aired. Enter the countdown timer. Here's mine...

With a tool like this countdown timer there is no argument over the technical aspects of the video. With this tool you can calibrate any monitor or video equipment. AND, use its technical feedback to win any argument over look and feel of a video. Here is a little bit of what can be done with the test pattern: calibrate color, hue, intensity, contrast, alignment and style of a video image.

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Avatar Builder And 3d Animated Videos Added To Video App Store 2021-03-05

Charles (The genius) avatar
Hi all, the real Tim here. BWT added "Avatar Builder" and "3d Animated Avatar Video Service," to the Video App Store.

Avatar Builder by Paul Ponna, a leader in the video marketing industry created this cloud based video creation app. It features 3d animated avatars, text-to-speech engine, and a 1080p video scene creator. An innovative animation studio has capabilities not seen elsewhere.

3d animated Avatar video service features 3d animated spokesperson videos with text-to-speech lip sync and a background scene editing. This combination is truly revolutionary to the video marketing industry. BWT Videos has become a leader in this technology and offer video creation services.

Meet The Avatar Family of professional presenters. You'll never guess what they'll say next...

Image: Charles (The Genius) Avatar.

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Charles (The Genius) Joins The 3d Avatar Family 2021-03-06

Destined to be a real crowd pleaser. It is my honor to introduce you to Charles (The Genius). He comes to us from the netherland and wow is he out there. Just kidding of course. Charles is a member of the 3d Avatar family and is one of the smartest artificial intelligence agents in the group. here he is...

Charles (The Genius) Avatar

Please welcome Charles to the family. He likes people to use his formal name but behind his back we have all sorts of nicknames for him. You know 'Chuck' and the variation like Upchuck, Chuck roast, Awe Chucks, etc.

Chuck is a genius and scientist and is quite good at explaining difficult subjects to us mere mortals. His way with words is pretty astonishing even though his intelligence is artificial. Choose Charles as your 3d animated avatar for your next video production.

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Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling Promo Added To 3d Avatar Videos 2021-03-07

Introducing 'Gus' a hard working entrepreneur. Watch Gus promote a Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling service. Find out how you can get a makeover for your bathroom or kitchen.

Kitchen And Bathroom remodeling Promo

This video features a 3d animated avatar "Gus" with a professional voice over. See how well Gus gets the lip sync right. We incorporated a mixture of video and still image backgrounds to show a little diversity in video creation. See more at...

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PCI DSS Compliance Certificate Awarded To Best Website Tool, LLC 2021-03-10

BWT MascotBased on information provided by the merchant listed below, involving its security policies, procedures, and regulations, Security Metrics has found the merchant, (Karter.com) to be compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, PCI, DSS, endorsed by Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and JCB card brands.

Security Metrics recognizes the merchant for its effort to reduce credit card theft, and fraud. By achieving P C I certification, this merchant is maintaining rigorous data security standards to ensure that its customers credit card information remains safe, and secure.

Certificate of PCI, DSS Merchant Compliance.

PCI DSS Compliance certificate
Tommy Avatar

In order to maintain P C I, D S S compliance the merchants self assesment questionaire must be passed every 12 months, and any scans, if applicable, must be passed every three months. Signed by Ian Taylor, Director of security fulfillment at security metrics.

Karter.com is the business name connected with best website tools L L C. Best website tools is a D B A, or, doing business as, or name of the business. This certificate was issued on eight march twenty twenty one. And is good through eight march twenty twenty two.

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About BWT PCI DSS Certificate 2021-03-15

PCI DSS ComplianceHi all, just a note to tell you about BWT PCI DSS compliance certificate and some website tips. Every webmaster should have a "Poilcies" or "Privacy Policies" page on their website. This very important page does two things. A policies page builds trust and confidence with your customers and with Google and other online businesses like PayPal and FaceBook..

A website must have PCI DSS compliance to be accept credit cards online. This important certificate is required by most credit card processors. The reason for this is Internet security.

Validation of compliance to PCI DSS does two things. First, it allows us ordinary people to earn money online. Secondly it allows customers protection from online fraud. It means online business is safe and secure for this website.

PCI DSS Compliance Certificate

Displaying a PCI DSS compliance certificate should be included on a Policies page. How you present it can be a matter of choice. A simple image of the certificate would suffice. But not do the job of building trust with your customers. But a video grabs attention and gets the point across much better. See how I did it on my Policies page...

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Florist Promo Presented By Riku 3d Avatar 2021-03-19

Florist promo added to 3d animated avatars. This video features 'Riku' 3d avatar. We chose Riku as our spokesperson for this video because she is beautiful, elegant, unopposing and a lttle exotic. We think she represents the young female business woman with ambition and strength. We hope you agree Riku is an excellent 3d presenter. Check her out in "Florist Promo"...

Riku Presents Florist Promo

This video also features live action video, a custom endscreen and an animated call to action ("Buy This Video" title) at the end.

Our library of stock footage includes access to several online royalty free resources. We have access to thousands of clips and images. We can also include your images and videos in our creations. Give us a chance to enlighten you about 3d animated avatar spokesperson videos.

BWT Videos is an expert at 3d spokesperson animated video creation. We specialize in promo style videos for Internet marketing. Get yours today. Check us out. Click below...

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Why You Should Pick Hunter As Your 3d Animated Avatar As Spokesperson 2021-03-20

Hunter avatar
Added Hunter to our collection of 3d animated avatars. Watch him present "Concrete Promo." We chose Hunter for this part because he looks professional without being too obstentatious. Hunter is an engineer who works in concrete installation in this video.

Video marketing has surged recently due to the pandemic. Small business owners more than ever need to connect with people online. Video marketing is the perfect low cost solution. 3d animated avatars videos can convey the same message with out having to hire live talent and book a production studio.

With our text to speech engine you can create multi-ligual videos. Or create multiple language copies of the same video. Check it out...

Hunter In A Comcrete Promo

  • Beat Your Competition With Videos That Stand Out
  • Boost Engagement And Conversions By 500%
  • Create Facebook Video Ads, Instagram Video Posts, Video Tweets, Pinterest And LinkedIn Videos That Get Noticed.
  • Rendered In 1080p HD And Mobile Responsive Videos
  • Make Your Videos Stand Out And Capture Your Audience's Imagination
  • Custom Endscreen To Encuorage Your Potential Customers To Contact You Now.

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Video Marketing Mistakes And Solutions Revealed 2021-03-26

Hewre's how this works
HI all, a friend contacted me to ask about video marketing mistakes and solutions. I immediately thought 'not having a call to action,' was my biggest mistake. When I first got started I made videos that felt good to me. I wondered why they didn't get the responce I wanted. But not for long. I realized I should be making videos for the viewer.

I watched a few of my favorite videos pretending to be a new visitor and quickly realized my videos did not have a call to action. When the video ended so did my viewers engagement. It doesn't take a brainiac to figure out that a video needs to have a way to keep your viewers engaged after the video ends. This means including a Call To Action. Now I always put a CTA in my videos to tell the viewer what to do next.

Tips like these can be very valuable to any online business. We like to learn from other peoples mistakes before we make the same ones. My friends over at Breadnbeyond (an explainer video company) put together a roundup of how 30 top video marketers answered the question, "what is your biggest video marketing mistake? And how did you solve it."

Well I went there to scan the page thinking I might learn something. Then spent the better part of 2 hours devouring this excellent advice. There were so many tips and clues I thought I should pass this along to you. Trust me you'll learn something from this page. Check it out...

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Mike And Jada Have A Conversation In Computer Repair Service Promo 2021-03-30

Jada Avatar
Hi all, Jada here. Just finished working on 'Computer Repair Promo' at BWT Videos. We are getting good at having conversations with us 3d animated avatars. In this short promo video I team up with Michael (The Nerd) to promote a local computer repair service. In it we share sentences and act like good business partners He's the brains and I'm the business end.

We have a lot of these types of scripts for just about any business out there. There is a formula to marketing videos. It goes like this. First present a problem. Then offer a solution. Then make a call to action. The captivating parts are the background visuals and sound effects. For this video we included images and sounds of computers that work and computers that are being worked on. Check it out...

Jada & Michael's Computer Repair Service

For this video we repeated the main title 3 times. They are the words we want to stick in peoples minds. We also demonstrate several CTA methods in this 3d animated video. That makes quite a lot of information to absorb so we split it up into segments. Instead of plastering the info on the screen all the time we display different pieces at different times. This way the more a viewer screens the video the more information they can absorb. So try to make your videos memorable.

Sound effects make a video just that much more memorable because they relate to the users personal experience. We relate sounds to past expereinces more readily than you might think. We react instantly to what we hear so adding sound effects can really make a video stand out.

Here at BWT Videos we make 3d animated avatar videos. This is brand new technology and there are still many as yet untried video creations. BWT Videos is clearly a leader in 3d animated avatar spokesperson marketing videos. Find out why...

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