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A Million 3d Avatar Videos At BWT Videos 2021-02-01

Hi All, need a video for your business? I got a million of them. Just not all made yet. We got our hands on 100s of professional voice overs for social media marketing. Combine that with our 3d animated avatars, image and video libraries and you have 1000s of unique videos. Multiply that by 30 different animated avatars and you have millions of videos. Check out these promo videos we made for our website...

3d Animated Avatar Spokesperson Videos
(Click on thumbnails to view promo videos)

Business Lending Promo thumbnail Business Services thumbnail Cardiologist Promo thumbnail Car Dealer Promo thumbnail Car Rental Promo thumbnail Catering Business Promo thumbnail Child Care service Promo thumbnail

How would you like to have your very own custom 3d avatar? Here's how to get one...

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Chiropractor Wanted Here's How To Attract One 2021-02-03

Calling all Chiropractors get your pain relief here. It features my friend Nancy a crack doctor, I mean chiropractor. Watch her as she introduces a Chiropractor business in her neighborhood....

The Truth About Nancy 'The Crack Doctor'

Nancy, The Crack DoctorNancy is a figment of my imagination. She is a 3d animated avatar, a 3d spokesperson, created in cyberspace, as an advertising gimmick. Point is Nancy has personality, is attractive, and has a sense of humor because she is artificially inteligent. She was created in virtual reality to entertain you, she exists for a purpose. Creativity is a powerful motivator. We use the art of visual persuasion, called creative advertising, to get a reaction. The trick to creative video advertising is brand awareness. i.e. Nancy ="Pain Relief"

That is what advertising tries to accomplish. That is persuade you to react to brand awareness based upon previous experience. It conditions us to react based upon percieved realities and previous experiences. We associate reality with cartoons and characters based on associative reality, but because in the back of our minds we know to what is real and what is fake.

While Nancy is fake, the background is fake and the voice over is purchased this commercial appeals to the idea that pain relief is real, if you visit a Chiropractor. Take it from Nancy.

Got an idea for a 3d avatar? create yours today at BWT Videos studio. See our cast of characters at...

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CPA Promo A Custom 3d Animated Avatar Spoof 2021-02-08

Hi all, I figured it out. That is, how to have 2 (or more) 3d avatars in the same scene. Yes, it does involve recording seperate tracks and editing them together. It opens up a whole range of possibilities for 3d avatar video creation. Mainly it interposes different personalities for effect. However with some strong scripting effective communication can be achieved. Check out this video featuring multiple avatars interacting while promoting a CPA service.

The Story Behind CPA Promo - Custom 3d Animated Avatar Video

Max, The annoying kid
Well, once upon a time, oh about 50 years ago, I was in high school and became interested in making motion pictures. Then I.... fast forward to the present, we can now make 3d animated avatar videos. Not quite at the hollywood feature film level,, but getting there.

For this video we used "Avatar Builder" to create Keisha, Max and Zane, 3d animated avatars and create the voice overs. They were placed over a greenscreen background for future keying. Then rendered in 1080p HD. Once rendered we downloaded the files into Camtasia Studio 2020 for post production.

Character entrances and exits were added using 'Behaviors' in Camtasia. Color correction for lighting changes were added. Along with sound effects, titles and background music.

Comming Soon to a screen near you BWT Videos will be offering custom 3d animated avatar videos on the website. (Soon as we work out how to do that) Stay tunes for that event. Find out how you can have your very own custom 3d avatar...

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Gettin sideways @ BWT Videos 2021-02-12

The talent pool is filling in nicely. So far BWT Videos has screen tested several spokes person (3d animated avatar) wannabes. BWT Videos continues to promote talent from around the neighborhood. Just today Natalie entertained us with her cleaning service promotion. Check this out promo by Natalie....

WOW! some of these characters can really get excited. We are working night and day to get everyone promoted, but there is only so much room in the studio and so much time in the day. We are going to have to develop a scheduling department to accomodate everyone.

Update: The development team is working on multiple avatars scenarios and will have a system in place soon. (That is soon as they develop it.) The library team has cataloged over a thousand video backgrounds, sound effects and music tracks for use in production.

The post production department is humming along waiting for more media to get produced. See how they get it all done...

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I Said It Before And I'll Say It Again...Alice 2021-02-15

Alice (The Smart Kid)Hi all, Alice The Smart Kid here. Me and my friends just wanted you to know we are now able to translate into 26 languages. That is, if you count English as 5 languages. And Spanish as 3.

Actually, we use a speech translation engine (powered by AWS I think) that converts text to speech in different languages. Which means you can write in one language and speak in another.

Following is the list of friends who have contributed their voices to our library of languages. While we can speak in many dialects we are only repeating other people's words. But we are pretty good at it. I said it before and I'll say it again in a different language .

Say What? Anything You Want In Many Languages

We have a multi-talented cast of characters that can speak many languages. We currently have these voices with special language skills.

  • Arabic (arb) Zeina
  • Chinese, Mandarin (cmn-CN) Zhiyu
  • Danish (da-DK) Naja, Mads
  • Dutch (nl-NL) Lotte, Ruben
  • English (Australian) (en-AU) Nicole, Olivia, Russell
  • English (British) (en-GB) Amy, Emma, Brian
  • English (Indian) (en-IN) Aditi, Raveena
  • English (US) (en-US) Ivy, Joanna, Kendra, Kimberly, Salli, Joey, Justin, Kevin, Matthew
  • English (Welsh) (en-GB-WLS) Geraint
  • French (fr-FR) Celine, Lea, Mathieu
  • French (Canadian) (fr-CA) Chantal
  • German (de-DE) Marlene, Vicki, Hans
  • Hindi (hi-IN) Aditi
  • Icelandic (is-IS) Dora, Karl
  • Italian (it-IT) Carla, Bianca, Giorgio
  • Japanese (ja-JP) Mizuki, Takumi
  • Korean (ko-KR) Seoyeon
  • Norwegian (nb-NO) Liv
  • Polish (pl-PL) Ewa, Maja, Jacek, Jan
  • Portuguese (Brazilian) (pt-BR) Camila, Vitoria, Ricardo
  • Portuguese (European) (pt-PT) Ines, Cristiano
  • Romanian (ro-RO) Carmen
  • Russian (ru-RU) Tatyana, Maxim
  • Spanish (European) (es-ES) Conchita, Lucia, Enrique
  • Spanish (Mexican) (es-MX) Mia
  • US Spanish (es-US) Lupe, Penelope, Miguel
  • Swedish (sv-SE) Astrid
  • Turkish (tr-TR) Filiz
  • Welsh (cy-GB) Gwyneth

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Jenna Does The Dry Cleaner Service 2021-02-16

Hi all, Jenna here, let me tell you this spokes person gig is great. I get to work from home, watch the kids, and get a free make over, all at the same time. Here's my latest on screen performance for BWT Videos marketing agancy. They needed a spokes person for a dry cleaning service. So, naturally they hired me. Check it out...

Inside Dry Cleaner Service

Jenna is one of the young talents discovered by BWT Videos, that we gave a screen test to, as a spokes lady for a local dry cleaning service. She lit up the screen and mesmerized the audience. A Star is born. What a wonderful person. And now a word from the crew.

What a glitch that shoot was. We sent her to wardrobe, the hairstylest, makeup and a hand manicure. We had to pamper that girl, like a star. Then she only spent 5 minutes on set. We had to fix it in post.

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Meet The Avatars Family, They're Ooky And They're Kooky 2021-02-23

Natalie Avatar
Hi all, Natalie here, seems I got elected by the family to get up here and represent us. So, here goes. The Avatar Family is a bunch of characters. We have young and old, male and female, professional and unseemly, multi-racial, loud and soft voiced folks. See For Yourself...

3d Animated Avatar Mug Shots
(Click on thumbnails to view mug)

Aaron thumbnail Aditi thumbnail Albert thumbnail Alice thumbnail Billy thumbnail James thumbnail Jenna thumbnail Max thumbnail Natalie thumbnail Nancy thumbnail Tim thumbnail

It will take me a while to round everyone up and take their 'Mug Shot.' We will continue to introduce the members of the Avatars Family in future blogs. But, as they say in the biz. "A-be-a-be-a-be-a-That's all folks."

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Natalie And Alice Avatar In -A Marketing Promo- By BWT Videos 2021-02-26

Hi All Alice again. I teamed up with Natalie to do a promo video for BWT Videos. Me and Natalie almost got into an arguement over which one of us should say which lines. Wouldn't you know it the director Tim had us do several takes each. Then cut it together without our input. Such nerve! I really wanted to cut the film but Tim is the director so he got his way in the edit suite.

Hey everybody, Tim here, producer and director. Both the girls were so much fun to work with. Alice charmed us with her witty puns and anecdotes. Natalie was great, a bubbly personality and youthful beauty, a real star. Anyhow have some popcorn and enjoy the show...

Natalie And Alice In Marketing Promo

This is a custom 2 animated avatar video. It took a lot of planning and some on the spot decision making to get this one in the can. We had to do several takes for each actor cause the rendering machine kept breaking down. The shoot took all day when it should have only taken a couple hours.

We wanted to attract a younger female clientele so we chose Natalie and Alice to do the screen acting. We were hoping to get a 'sisterly sharing' mood. So we had the actors finish each others sentences and pretend to have a conversation.

Are you interested in creating a custom animated avatar video for your business? If so, you've come to the right place. BWT Videos is an experienced video marketing agency. We specialize in 3d animated avatar videos and chat bots. Consultation is free... give us a try.

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Amelia Explains Why Video Marketing Is Crucial To Your Business 2021-02-28

Hi all, Amelia here. Watch me in 'Video Marketing Campaign.' In this fast paced thriller I use my intellectual skills to explain why video marketing is crucial to your business.

Amelia In Video Marketing Campaign

Amelia Avatar 3d presenter
Grow your business with animated videos. We are an expert video production agency helping businesses grow and expand their reach with video! We make stunning animated videos, Explainer Videos, Corporate Videos, Sales Videos, Social Media Videos.

Get high definition 3d avatar videos that engage your audiences and motivates them to convert into a paying customer! We have a full suite of tools that include video distribution, content syndication, traffic generation, viral video production and more. We are experts in Video Marketing and know how to take your brand and business to the next level! Give us a try at B W T Videos...

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