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August 2009

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Local Business Website and the Local Customer

Wondering if a local business website is right for you? Are your local customers finding you first? Wondering whether creating a website is a good for your local business? If so, think about this.

Right Now Your Local Customer is Online, Doing an Internet Search.

Online shopping has become the number one way that people find local goods and services. Many local businesses are now online for this very reason. If you aren't, then your going to miss out on the biggest consumer spending group ever, local customers.

Your Local Customer Just Found Your Local Competition's Website.

Local chef expands her catering service through Internet searches and her own website.Whether you are a plumber, pizzaria, dentist, caterer, contractor or world renowned personality you still want your local clientele to find you first (and not the guy down the street). Sure, you could 'get found' by potential local customers with a "Yellow Pages" ad or local newspaper ad.

Without a website you will never get any customers from a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Yes, these search engines do have local business sections. And Yes...this is where people look the most for local goods and services.

Your Local Customer Just Made an Online Purchase...On The Competition's Website.

Okay, it will take some time and work to get your local business website up and running, and attract online customers locally (or globally). In the mean time is it worth it to start your own website? It is, when you consider that your next potential local (or global) customer is online right now doing an Internt search. The question is, if and when are they going to find you?

Read more to see what other local business owners are doing to attract thier next online customer...Local Business Websites Read Full Article

Meta Title Tag for Search Engine Page Rankings

The meta title tag is the first thing people see when they land on your page. If the title grabs their attention they get interested and read more. Your job is to answer the question "What are they looking for?" When you can answer that your page will get more clicks and rank higher in the SEs.

Following are tips you can use to optimize the title tag for higher search engine rankings.

The meta title tag does two things and needs to do both well. Otherwise the SEs might come up with their own version or not list your page at all. The "meta title tag" contains the words that the search engines use to display your page and put the link on. Second the title tag is what the searcher reads first in the search engine results pages (serp). You need to satisfy both the SEs and the searchers to get your page listed and/or boost your rankings.

Tip #1 - Do not use more than 10 words in your title. Read Full Article

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