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June 2009

Computer cartoon with hands outYou are on an archive entries page. In this section are blog posts and article teasers. Every time an entry is made it is stored on this page.

Blog entries are listed by month. If you remember when an entry was made you can find it quickly from this listing. Thanks for reading.

Related Entries And Website Tips

3 Column CSS Template

Once again Tool Time is in the process of changing templates. As technology and Internet activity advances it is smart to stay with new trends. With the proliferation of CSS I thought it would be good to demonstrate how easily CSS fits into the Easy Blogs software.

The template that you are looking at is called "3-column-css-sbi" and is available with the SBI Rss Tutorial. It was developed for the new blog SBI Rss Blog. That blog describes how to use Solo Build It properly.


SBI 3 cloumn template
3 Column Css Template

More navigation has been added to this template. Notice on the left side is a new menu section for "articles". On the right side is a new section called "Categories".

Easy Blogs software makes it easy to swap templates. With a few clicks you can add or change template. The software will automatically convert all your pages.

Template options page in Easy Blogs

Please stand by while I test the new 3 column CSS template....ok done!

With Easy Blogs software you can test every single page before you load it up to the net. But you don't have to! Since all the pages are generated from between 2 and 6 sub-templates you only need to sample test that many pages. Easy Blogs interfaces with your current browser to display webpages directly onto your monitor.

Learn how to put a 3 Column CSS Template on your website.

The ClickBank Code Cracked

The ClickBank Code CrackedDear Internet Marketer: How would you like to make money by promoting other peoples products? discontinued

With the ClickBank Code You Can...

  • Quickly and easily generate a job-replacing income
  • Build an autopilot business that generates fat commission checks day & night...
  • Whip your current promotions into shape and quickly join the ranks of the six figure marketers...

Get ready for a shocking fact...

I was reading an interview with Clickbank's VP of Business Development today, and in it he admitted that most affiliates don't actually make any sales...

Clickbank has 1.2 million affiliates, and only 110,000 of them make at least 1 sale every 3 months. The others don't make anything at all.

And here's the really scary part:

Only 1% of the ones that get sales make enough money to live on. Man, that's crazy. If you're one of those guys that's struggling I'm about to make your life a whole lot better.

The ClickBank Code CrackedMichael Jones recently opened up the doors for The Clickbank Code- It's a five hour video guide to some real top shelf affiliate techniques.

Michael will hold your hands every step of the way and get you into profit. And I mean big profits...

Michael made $48,506.66 his first month using the system... And that was his first month in Clickbank! So you can see why it's crazy to see all those guys struggling to make anything at all.

And in case you're wondering, here's just a couple of the things that make The Clickbank Code so easy to profit from:

**You can follow the exact formula for finding out which products convert best BEFORE you start promoting them...

**Find out how to use insanely powerful FREE traffic methods to get floods of traffic from day one. Those are just hints, to see exactly what this thing can do, click the link below:

To your success, ~~Tim Koen~~

PS- Isn't it about time you did something to give yourself an edge over the other affiliates?

Independence Day Celebration

July 6th marks the Independence Day Celebration for Site Build It! July 1 marks Canada's Independence day. July 4th marks the indepencence day for the U.S.A.

Site Build It! - Summer special

Site Build It has created personal and financial independence for thousands of people. Join the party, bring a friend and make your own declaration of independence. Read Full Article

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