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Classified Ads, Affiliate Program or Both 2008-09-07

Here is an affiliate program worth taking a look at Adpost.com. It combines affiliate comissions for products plus banner advertising into one program. This is a sleeper income stream. If you spend any money for online classifieds I recommend that you look at this one. If you would like to have your advertising pay for itself then this is the place for you. Plus have your banner ad displayed on thousands of websites.

AdPost Classifieds

Over 1,000,000 CLASSIFIED ADS, Broken Down by Country, City, and Categories In An EASY-TO-USE Site.

Adpost is one of the most popular online classifieds sites. It attracts more than 10,000,000 views every month and generates more than 10,000 ads and replies every day across its network.

To check out this site that offers FREE basic services for VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN CLASSIFIEDS, I highly recommend visiting:

https://herbalnutrition.adpost.com/ Notice the co-branding.

This site is really a great resource! I placed an ad here that will get blasted to 3,000 classified ad networks every 7 to 15 days. My ad has the potential to reach 50,000 websites over and over for 6 months. I'd say the potential is enormous and well worth the small amount of money I spent. Here is my banner ad that links to the classified ad.

Okay I spent a little money to upgrade my ad, but you don't have to. Most of the services are free. This is a great way to advertise locally, get backlinks to your website and promote your business. Easy to use graphic interface makes posting ads simple. Include up to 9 images and 2000 characters with your ad.

Take a quick look... AdPost Affiliate Program

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The SBI 5 Pillar affiliate program 2008-09-08

Over 40,000 websites have been built with SBI since it inception in the late 1990's. Using the business model of C-T-P-M. Which stands for "content" - "traffic" - "pre-sell" - "monetize."

Content - Traffic - PreSell - Monetize explained!

Site Build IT continues to be the success tool of thousands of entrepreneurs the world over. And it continues to grow. Unlike many affiliate programs that run their course and then fade away SBI and the 5 Pillar program just keeps getting better and better. New tools and techniques are added or improved continuously.

The SBI 5 Pillar affiliate program follows the same principle of C-T-P-M in it's approach to affiliate marketing. A complete suite of tools are available to the savvy internet marketer looking for the best programs to promote.

Again everything is covered from case studies to tools to videos and more (too many to list). Not to mention 75 unique landing pages that you can promote. Some SBI 5 Pillar affiliates earn over $10,000/month. You can do it too!

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EasyBlogs template system 2008-09-19

EasyBlogs Template SystemThe Easyblogs template system is used as the blog software you are you are looking at right now. You may notice some aspects to this blog that are unusual compared to other blogging software. For instance all the page file names are indiginous to the main website. In other words this blog NOT a third party add-on Like WordPress or Blogger.

The advantages of having a dedicated blog are enormous. For instance all the weight of the parent website mutually supports all the blog pages. By frequently updating the blog you get to share the credit with your main website and visa versa. This mutual support doubles the amount of recognition the blog and website get from the search engines. That means adding webpages to your blog also adds pages to your main website.

A big advantage of having a dedicated blog as opposed to a 3rd party add-on is controlling of onpage linking. You get to decide what outpointing links and incoming advertisements are displayed. No unwanted marketing is going to get onto your blog pages without you putting it there.

Another cool feature of the EasyBlogs template system is that the templates are very cusotmizable. Each template has 3 sub-templates to start with, "home page", "default page" and "article page." You can also add "static pages." The versatility of this system is powerful. You can easily create your own template and match it exactly to your existing website. If you are an SBIer most likely your EasyBlogs template is already made.

All this is explained in the upcoming release of "SBI Rss Tutorials." For a sneek peak take a look at the EasyBlogs Template System page.

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