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July 2008

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Work from home as an affiliate marketer.The Key to a successful affiliate marketing program is to make your website a content rich keyword focused information resource. Just posting a bunch of links is not going to impress many web surfers. They'll leave and likely never come back.

The trick to any online business is to keep people on your site—this is true for the affiliate program partner as well. An affiliate website shouldn't necessarily scream, "affiliate site." Instead, it can be a trusted resource on a particular topic.

Relevant content is the best way to make this possible. For instance: A website with a number of links to sports-related businesses (apparel, tickets, books, equipment, etc.). The affiliate marketer can then set up a web 2.0 campaign that talks about different sports teams, strategy, and so on—potentially, this campaign could bring in fans from across the country.

Another great medium for affiliate marketing is Blogging. On the same site, the blogger can write reviews of new equipment or post original articles about a variety of sports. These are just a few ideas but they show how affiliate marketing can be a long-term online business.

Learn more about affiliate marketing techniques.

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