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January 2009

Computer cartoon with hands outYou are on an archive entries page. In this section are blog posts and article teasers. Every time an entry is made it is stored on this page.

Blog entries are listed by month. If you remember when an entry was made you can find it quickly from this listing. Thanks for reading.

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Top 10 Start Up Tips to Work at Home

Work from home 10 useful start up tipsThinking of starting a work at home business? Here are 10 tips you should consider when deciding what home based business to go into.

I made a list of criteria that would need to be met before I started my home based business. Consider each point carefully when looking for a home based business.

  1. Must be a home based business, that can be done online and offline.
  2. Must have world wide appeal for products and services.

Point number 10 needs just a little bit of clarification, because this is the money decision. You need to ask yourself what if this doesn't work? How much can I afford to lose? Obviously you want to make your money back as soon as possible.

Select an opportunity with multiple business models that can be done both online and/or offline, has global presence and everybody needs.

Read the rest of the top 10 home based business start up tips... Read Full Article

Analyze It! - Recommendations for Search Engine Optimization

All the website building tools all in one placeWith Analyze It! - your website has an unfair advantage. Ever wonder how some websites consistently outrank most others in the search engines? I use to, until I started using this tool! I thought that a webmaster needed many years of experience, read several books, a degree in Internet marketing, a magic wand and a pinch of bat's wing to get their pages to rank well in the search engines.

Wouldn't it be better to just have the right tool that analyzes your page for search engine optimization? There is an SEO tool called "Analyze It!" (AI). AI takes all the magic out of optimizing webpages for high search engine rankings. All you need to do is hit the button and it either passes or gives recommendations for changes to your page.

Analyze It! reports on each page's on-page criteria. Think about this as giving the engines enough information for them to "understand" what your page is about... Read Full Article

PPC Web Spy Caught and Tried | Keyword Tool

PPC Web Spy toolPPC Web Spy is a cool new keyword tool from Brad Callen. I caught it on Twitter from a friend who's tip came at the right time. I wanted to know what keywords top advertisers were spending money on (and who the cheap skates are). I know a tool like that can help me to improve my website's Google AdWords. So, I tried PPC Web Spy.

When I looked closely at this tool, lights immediately went off in my head. This is way cool. This is what I need. This keyword tool can really help my business!!! Then he went ahead and gave it to me for free. That's right FREE. And now he wants me to give it to you for free.

Not so fast Brad, I need to check it out first. You understand of course. Just need a little time to review it. I don't want to give away something that might be better off, kept a secret. So let's take a look: Read Full Article

Blog Website Platform for Herbal Fat Burners

Herbal Fat Burners Blog Website PlatformI used a blog website platform, Easy Blogs and Site Build It! (SBI) to build "Herbal Fat Burners." A week ago I developed the website concept "Herbal Fat Burners." The concept is a niche site for well, herbal fat burners. It is to include 5 product pages and 5 articles. Plus the required pages like Home, Contact us, Policies and a blog entry page. It also must include search engine optimization and logical navigation.

This project took 7 days to go from concept to completion. Site navigation was the easy part. Creating the new content was the biggest (and most fun) part. Figuring out the SEO was the hardest (and least fun) part. Nevertheless, 7 days is pretty good considering I started from scratch. Here are the steps I used: Read Full Article

: : January 2009

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