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BB2 Demo Of SOLO Build IT block builder 2

BB2 Demo page of the website builder called Block Builder 2 by Solo Build It. We will demonstrate many of the tools available for building webpages. BB2 stands for Block Builder 2 the second major iteration of the website builder. Pages are built by dragging and dropping 'blocks' into the editor pallette. Easy intuitive way to create webpages. In this BB2 demo we show you all the blocks that can be added to a website. Read on....


Notice on the left side of the editor is a toolbox. To the right is the editor/simulator pallette. Drag and drop tools from the right side menu into the position on your page. That element is highlighted and the horizontal toolbar across the top changes to editting tools associated with that element.

WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) is a type of editing system that allows the user to visualize the construction and content creation while you work. The "Preview" button (top row, left side) compiles the page and displays the webpage as it will appear online in a new window.

No need for learning HTML, CSS or Javascript. The intuitive website building software codes the webpage for you. But if you are a code enthusiast you can upload your own HTML, CSS and javascripts. Or mix and match to create your own unique website.

Help is on the way. Every facet of BB2 is covered in the help files. Learn at your own pace or hire a professional to speed you through. Need more help? Hire Best Website Tools and get on of our Website Packages.

Solo Build It!

text/image blocks in bb2 demo

Best Website Tools LLCCaptions And Borders Included

This is a text/image block. It allows you to select an image and drop it into your page WITH a text block already oriented. the way you want it. This saves time trying to hand code sizes and locations for your images.

There a 6 different option for image/text location, simply pick from an overlay and the block is already coded for you.. Options for this block include:

FONT - select font type for text portion. Style: size, color, bold, italic, underline, strike, and super or subscript. Center, left or right justification.

LINKS - add a link to your text. Make it go to a new page if you like..

BGCOLOR - add a background color. USe the color pallette or select from 6 saved colors..

IMAGE SIZE - Set the image width. Height is set to 100%. With this method images can are mobile responsive.

BORDER - add a border to your image. Set color and thickness of border.

PINIT OR GALLERY - add a Pinterest SAVE button or add this image to a gallery.

Image Gallery Tools

Click image to enlarge.

Easy to build gallery tool makes image galleries a breeze. Simply insert a responsive grid element, Fill in each block with an image, check the 'gallery' box and fill in a description. Tip: plan your gallery ahead of time. See the tutorial here. Image Gallery Tutorial

One thing you'll love about SBI are all the help files. I'm not going out on a limb when I say everything you can do is described fully in the associated help files. You will see a little 'question mark' icon in the upper left corner? Click on that to see the help file

site navigation tools in bb2

Site NAvigation Tool

Site Navigation tool allows you to build horizontal drop down type or vertical navigation menus. You build your site navigation in a separate tool then drag and drop a 'Navigation Bar' into your page. We recommend you place these into a 'Sitewide Dot' so it appears on every page.

With bb2 demo there a 2 ways to build your navigation structure. When you build a page you can add it to your navigation with one click. Or use the 'Site Navigation' tool to build and edit it yourself.

Site navigation is extremely important to online success. Search engine robots will follow all the links on your naviagtion structure. SBI utilizes specail tags to help search engines crawl your site. Also included is a world submitter function that pings all the major search engines when you add a new page to your website.

Website Tips Newsletter

 Do you want to have a newsletter. Email marketing from your website remains as one of the best (almost) free marketing methods ever created. With SBI BB2 gives you get Mailout Manager (MOM). Use the newsletter composer tool on SBI to collect signups and manage your emial compaign. 

Use SBI's MOM to keep in touch with your subscribers. Offer special promotions or alert your followers to upcoming events. Great for special occasions and holidays. Introduce new products and services with newsletters. Get 5000 sending per month. Unused sendings are carried over to next month.

Create your own newsletter template and re-use it from month to month.

Add YouTube Videos

The YouTube element can be dropped into your page. Simply input the YouTube URL style it to your liking and you are good to go.


Need to isolate a section of your layout? You can drop in a "container." Containers make it easy to group things together. Once built you can drag and drop the container instead of trying to move elements individually.

With containers you can create a specific style for that area of your layout. Then you can save that as a reusable block.

Reusable blocks allow you to store grouped elements and drop them in anywhere. Drag and drop reusable blocks from a library. How cool is that?

Hold Up their Cowboy. With BB2 you get to massage the page anyway you want. Using HTML, javascript, custom styling and 3rd party integration. To demonstrate we added the following YouTube Video. Notice the added styling, the rounded corners, the drop shadow and lazy loading. 


(Click on thumbnails to view promo videos)

Fiverr Gig Promo thumbnail Humatars Promo thumbnail

Include special tools and source code with a 'Raw HTML' block. Allows you to add code like HTML, Javascript and CSS. Create your own special effects like thumbnail links that open an overlay box.

From the technically sophisticated to the newbie beginner Solo Build It! BB2 Demo shows how powerful yet easy to use this software is.

Also included in SBI (BB2 Demo) are multiple ecourses and tutorials from starting and building an online business to growth hacks to increase your success.

Check out our 3d animated avatar collection. We use a combination of a modal popup and a 'raw HTML' block to display our 3d animated avatar videos.

What's new block (site blog)

Create a site blog for your website with the click of a button. Called a 'Site Blog' this block is assembled from recent updates to your site. When you add or update a page you can choose to add it to your blog page.

The 'What's New' block can be added to any page to show a list of recent updats using an image and the description tag from that page. You choose how namy to show from 0 t0 26 bloglets are allowed.

You can also create super sophisticated bloglets with the RSS/BlogIt tools. An .xml file is created that you can use to syndicate to your favorite blogging or reader services. Integrate straight to Google.Feedburer by adding your feed.

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For a more sophisticated blogging platform, try Easy Blogs (EB) full blown blogging software. EB is a complete blogging system with archival and category optimization. This one time downloadable software creates an RSS .xml file you can syndicate to every corner of the blogosphere. Integration into SBI is easy. SBI provides a transitional template you plug into EB for a seemless match.

EasyBlogs Software And Tutorial

EasyBlogs Software and Tutorial
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100's Of Templates To Choose From

Human Avatar closeup-350

Introducing the ultimate solution for your online presence: the All-in-One Website Builder. With its powerful features and intuitive interface, you can now create a stunning website that perfectly represents your brand and captivates your audience. Let's explore how this revolutionary tool can transform your online journey.

Choose from a vast collection of professionally designed templates, tailored to various industries. Whether you're a photographer, a small business owner, or an e-commerce entrepreneur, we have the perfect template for you.

Grids  BB2 Demo Page

This is a 'Grid' element It can have as many or as few rows and columns as you like. The grid is intuitive. Style it with ease using the built in tools.

Grids can be used in several ways. Create an image gallery or list categories or a list of products.

Once your grid is formed simply drag and drop the elements you want into the grid space. All the html code is generated and edited for you.

Grids are X-Y responsive. When you change the width of one column the other colums automatically resize to fit.

Website Packages - Request A Consultation

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Form build it (fbi) module in bb2 demo

Create you own forms with FBI. You can do many things with a form like request information about a product before deciding to purchase. 

Form Build It is a separate tool where you build it and then drag and drop the element into your page. Form data is managed for you in SBI. All forms and their data is stored and retrieved in the 'Data Management' center of Solo Build It!.

Forms come with multiple auto responder emails, thank you pages and notofocation pages. Everything you need to collect information and manage it is in FBI.

Notice that the form on the the left is GDPR compliant. 

callout boxes

This is a 'Callout Box,' or a small box that can be styled in the 'Site Designer' area of Block Builder 2. We included it on this bb2 demo to show you one of the neat special tools. 

reminder box

Reminder boxes are intended to be used as a quick reminder for the user to do something. Can also  be used to add tool tips.

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This menu bar is in a 'Sitewide Dot'. Sitewide dots are included on every page of your website. Simply edit them once and your content shows on every page. You can control the visibility on individual pages as well. Sitewide dots are placed in all the important locations of a page.

NOTE: Smart breadcrumbs included in SBI. The breadcrumb trail below is configurable for every page. Google search optimization compliant. A new tool to keep up with the changing trends of the world wide web.