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HumanPal Video Creation App Is An Epic Failure 2022-06-01

HumalPal Video Rendering page
When does technology not stand up to expectations? When you try to use it to earn money. Enter HumanPal a brand new human avatar video creation app by Paul Ponna.

HumanPal will eventually earn Best Website Tools endorsement, but for now it is an epic failure. I hate to judge prematurely but this time the technology is not ready for prime time.

BWT Videos decided to jump into this new video app with both feet. At first the app worked fine. It was a little sluggish, then it crashed all together. That was 4 days ago. And it still isn't working.

The App - HumanPal is what it sounds like. A human avatar video generation app. With it you can upload or type in a voice over script for the actor to narrate. It has many notable features and is missing some important ones.

Darnell Human Avatar
Speechless, please help
My first three attampts to create a video crashed. So I went real short and basic with my fourth attempt. Which rendered in about 4 hours. Other apps by Paul Ponna can render a short video in under 5 minutes. But not this one. This one crashes all the time.

Sorry, I cannot recommend this app, as It keeps crashing. Then is offline for days at a time. And to top that, is no longer available. Sorry Paul Ponna you struck out on this one. So far this app is an epic failure.

To be fair though Paul Ponna is a great video app creator, maybe the best ever. I am confident it iis only a matter of time before this app gets it right. I hope. Meanwhile, any plans I had to utilize this app are on hold. Hope I don't have to ask for my money back.


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Greenscreen Silence For Content Creators 2022-06-07

Video Creation TemplateHi all, a moment of silence please in respect for... whatever good reason you have. Video content creators often use the power of electronics to manipulate what is shown on the screen. One popular technique is the chromakey. Also known as greenscreen keying. Whereby you can substitute a greenscreen background with a different background image or video.

Many video creation tools include this technique. But sometimes you need to have the background only. The next video can by used for that purpose.

2 Minutes Of Greenscreen Silence

BWT VideosDid you know why a bright green is best for chromakeying? As opposed to other colors like blue, red, magenta, cyan or yellow. I do, it is because technically bright green has the highest luminosity of any of the primary or secondary colors. (Which are red, green and blue and yellow, cyan and magenta.) Primary colors are best for chromakeying because they are electronically pure. Other colors are combinations of these three primaries including magenta, cyan and yellow.

Which means you only need three channels to manipute any color. Electronics often divides video signals into the three primaries R,G,B. This is how color correction is done. First divide the video signal into the three primary colors plus luminosity. Then using electronic manipulation colors and contrast can be changed. In the case of chromakeying the color is completely replaced. Therfore a pure green screen is the best option for chromakeying.

Silence please. As opposed to no audio on this video it is pure silence. Audio silence is a pure form of clean sound as opposed to no audio. This video has a silent audio track. It is not a, nothing recorded, sound track. There is complete pure silence recorded on the audio tracks.

Purchase this video template for $5 at...

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HumanPal Spokesperson Introductions 2022-06-12

Introducing HumanPal spokespersons. We combined real people with text to speech and artificial intelligence to produce a new way to do low cost video marketing.

As with any new technology a learning curve must be negotiated to get the best results. For this one finding a good mix of actors, voices and video technique took a few days. In this next video we introduce a few of our new HumanPal spokespersons. I won't say these are the best or the worst just what is available at this time. Take a look...

HumanPal Episode #1

Kyle Formal HumanPal
Kyle Formal HumanPal Spokesperson
After the initial launch of HumanPals by Paul Ponna the application crashed repeatedly. That was 2 weeks ago. Since then new features, improved render speed and more spokespersons were added. Now the app is much more stable, faster and more versatile

Comparing this app to similar apps shows HumanPals have a little better screen presence than most. The voices are better but still computer generated. Although it is possible to upload actual humal voice over narration.

Sometime in the near future BWT Videos will offer a video service for creating HumanPal Spokesperson videos. For now, we are excited about this app because the tecnology takes video production to a new level.

What does this mean for you? Low cost real human spokesperson videos without the high cost of paying actors, renting studio time and huge post production costs. Meanwhile, check out the rest of our spokesperson video creation services here...

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HumanPal Screentest And Introductions 2022-06-13

In this posting we will be experimenting with HumanPal spokeperson introductions. Because we have multiple HumalPals to screen test I thought a templatized approach would be good. The result of this experiment is to create a library of screentests for all the new actors.

The end result should contain a collection of videos all sized to match a bootstrap modal popup. Also created will be thumbnails to add to the library. Also we are using bootstrap and javascript programming with a little graphic artwork. Check out our first screentests, Click on the thumbnails..

Alexa thumbnail Alexa thumbnail

HumanPal Spokesperson Screentest Samples

Alexa and Cathy appear in the same set with the same special effects. We templatized the video formatting to be able to quickly create more screen tests of our other actors. This is helpful because it means BWT Videos knows how to do large projects with recurring setups. And we get to play with all the new HumanPals.

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Choose Me As Your HumanPal Spokesperson Explained 2022-06-22

HumanPals are here. Please let me introduce to you a new cast of human spokespersons recently added to BWT Videos.

HumanPals are a video creation app that features human spokespeople coupled with a text to speech voice over generator. Our mission at this time is to do screentests of the actors and present them in a comportable setting.

Choose Me As You HumanPal Spokesperson

To do that we have each actor recite the same lines in the same set. Then we produce a the video clip for inclusion into the gallery. Just showing a beauty shot of the actor isn't enough. We wanted to demonstrate their capabilities in a short example.

BWT Videos will be including new HumanPals int our library of animted spokespeople. But first, we need to develop the methods needed to make the process work. Meanwhile Chec out our current gallry of animated spokespeople at...

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Solo Build It (SBI) Independence Day Sale Now Till 5Jul2022 2022-06-25

Happy Independence day everyone. Canada and the USA along with many other countries celebrate indepennce day around the beginning of July. This year after a few years of absence Solo Build It is once again offering its flagship product at a 33% discount.

Computer Flag SBI 33% off banner
Now imagine what independence really is. It means freedom from financial worries, freedom from working for someone else, and more time to spend with friends and family. True independence has to be earned, it is not just handed to you. You have to work for it. And what better way to earn an independent lifestyle than working from home?

That is what Solo Build It (SBI) can do for you. Give you all the tools and knowledge you need to create an independent website based online business.

For a limited time SBI and it's sister SBI For WordPress are on sale with a 33% discount. Take if from me SBI has THE highest ROI of any online product on the Internet. That is, for the solopreneur or solo entrepreneur. If you want to succeed at home, you need this product. I use it and highly recommend SBI. Get it here...

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Grow Your Business And Influence With Video Marketing 2022-06-26

Hi all, here we have a profile video of Darren Priest and his YouTube channel "Auto Fetish Detail." Darren explains how he built up 94,000 subscribers to his YT channel. And what he did with all those viewers. Check it out...

Website tips not mentioned in this video are:

1. When uploading your video to YouTube use as many tags as you can. YouTube allows up to 500 characters for tags. Check out the list of keyword tags used for this video.

  • video marketing
  • video marketing for business
  • online video marketing
  • grow your business with youtube
  • how to grow your business with video marketing
  • best advice for new youtubers
  • advice for beginner youtubers
  • video influencers
  • how to grow your personal brand
  • mobile car detailing
  • mobile auto detailing
  • mobile detailing
  • influencer
  • influencer marketing
  • online business
  • sitesell
  • solopreneur
  • solopreneurs
  • solopreneurship
  • solo build it
  • site build it
  • sbi

SBI Proof banner
2. Make your thumbnails stand out. Not cluttered but appealing to the eye. Large text is advised, but not too much. Thumbnails with faces shown are the most effective. So, a good thumbnail for your video should show faces, have large text and describe what is in the video.

3. Search engine optimization is important. After all YT is owned by the search engine giant Google. Your title should describe what is in the video.

4. Always include a link to your website from YouTube in the description box. This is important to lead your viewers to your primary content. Without that you could lose your YouTube visitors to the next video.

5. Build a website with Solo Build It. As seen in this video Darren converts his YouTube channel traffic into website traffic. And while you can make money on YouTube you can make a lot more from a website. Want more proof...

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