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New Years geetings From BWT 2020-01-03

Happy New Year! It is a new year and as my Dad used to say "new year, new adventures." So it's not about sticking to your 'New Years Resolution,' it is about going places and getting things done. For Dad the new year meant setting goals and making plans to get there. So like father, like son I make plans and set goals around the new year. This year we here at BWT plan to grow the video services division. Follow along to see what new and creative website tools come out this year. Currently our SBI BOGO special is help over till 7 Jan 2020. Click the image to see the SBI BOGO of 2019 2020.

Holiday BOGO Special

Are you an online business owner? Don't forget to update your Copyright statement. ---- © 2007- 2020 ----

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Health Care Videos A Cloud Based Video Editor App 2020-01-06

Health Care Videos  boxAre you looking to create health care videos? Health Care Videos App Create Unlimited Number of Videos. Easy to use yet sophisticated enough for the professional video editor. Select a starter template in your niche. Add your own images, text and select background music. Upload your own audio track to personally brand your business. Cloud based app means unlimited data storage and super fast rendering.

Do you have a health care business? Health Care Videos App can attract and impress new patients to choose your business. Can be used with social media, blogging, email sign up and more. Get Health Care Videos App today!!!

Cardiologist Promo: Courtesy of BWT Video Services

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Video Catalyst Video Image Animation App 2020-01-10

Looking for a image design and animation video builder App? Video Catalyst is a 3 in 1 builder, image, design, animation and video editor. My initial impression is "this is sophisticated." No doubt experts will appear in the near future but right now it's a lot to grasp. If you watch the sales video below you will see what I mean..

After an initial evaluation we here at BWT decided to jump in and get all the OTOs (one-time-offers). VC is a cloud based app meaning all the heavy lifting (I mean computer power) is done online. For you that means a powerful editing suite on your relatively small PC or Mac.

The best part is that during this launch the price is right. After the launch ends the price goes up. Check out Video Catalyst here...

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Want to create your own videos? 2020-01-11

Want to create your own videos? There are 2 ways you can create your own videos. The hard way and the easy way. The easy way is with an online video editor and software developed for specific tasks. The hard way takes years of training, thousands of dollars and a lot of expensive equipment. Check out these easy to use video apps added to BWT Video Services.

Health Care Videos

Real Estate Videos

Create health care video clips

Custom Video FX App

Custom Video FX box

Online Video Editor

Slide Machine Video App

Slide Machine video box

Square videos for social media

For your viewing pleasure we included this sample. The following video was made for a go-kart racing team. It will be used as a lead generator in a social media ad. What do you think....

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Why I Love Solo Build It So Much 2020-01-22

Are you looking for a website builder? Solo Build It (SBI) is, has been and will continue be my website host of choice. Not because SBI is the best host there is. Not because SBI has top level technology. But because SBI is so versatile.

Every January I do year end maintenance on this website. That task includes cleaning out any broken and unsecure links. Fortunately SBI has a tool for that (Site Health). SBI has a tool for everything. See...

SBI Tools

Are you looking for a website builder? No need to look any further than Solo Build It! The drag and drop interactive editor is ideal for the not-so technically inclined. Called Block Builder 2 or BB2 for short this online editor features complete access to all elemnts of the web page including head, body and footer sections.

SBI is a full service business building platform. I won't lead you astray SBI is huge. It can take you over 6 months to master all the tools available. Fortunately for you all the tutorials and application user manuals are included. SBI is the only proven successful online business builder. We have proof. Check it out for yourself...

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Slide Machine Video App To Create Video Slideshows 2020-01-26

Slide Machine video boxHave you ever wished you could share slideshows quickly and easily? Now you can with Slide Machine Video App. This cool inexpensive video creation app is powered by Google Cloud. That means fast render time and unlimited file space. Why not try this easy to use online video creation app?

Quickly turn your favorite photos or graphics into a video slideshow. Check out this video I made in less than an hour...

Made With Slide Machine Video App

Okay I know! You're wondering why I should I be interested in this? Because you're outrageously cool. With this app can show off your creative skills. That's why. Why just share a bunch of photos when you can add a sound track and overlay your own text and make a classy statement.

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BWT Video Clips Low Cost Video Templates 2020-01-29

With BWT Video Quick Clips you can create video clips almost instantly. Only $24 USD gives you access to over 200 templates. Simply select your template and pay for it. Upload your logo to us and it gets included in your video. When complete we send you an email to download your video.

BWT Quick Clips template collection
Video Creation App

Saves time, money and can improve your businesses visibility. Now a days video marketing is essential to new growth. Quickly create vieo clips you can use to advertise on FaceBook, InstaGram, social media or your own website.

Almost to easy, We do all the heavy lifting. It does take time to render a video so a little patience is in order. Mean while simply upload your logo and your done. Then, when ready we notify you of completion of the rendering process. Low cost video production is yours here...

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Get website Tips Newsletter Modal Popup Experiment 2020-01-30

Newsletter modal code

Hi all, I got some flack the other day about not having a lead capture form on my page. The nerve of some people...I swear. So to appease my detractors I added a modal popup newsletter sign up form to this page.

Here is how it works. A visitor lands on the page and decides to hit the back button or exit the page. Not so fast, before they can leave a popup (modal) appears with a newsletter sign up page. Then the visitor has 2 choices. 1. they can signup for Website Tips newsletter or. 2. they can close the popup and continue on their way.

The popup is controlled by jquery and css code. The (bootstrap) CSS code hides the popup until the visitor decides to use the back or exit buttons. The jquery (javascript) overrides the exit intent and pops up a dialogue box enticing the visitor signup for the newsletter. (Note: This only works once per visitor.)

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