What The Heck Do I Put In My News Blog....

by Tim Koen

Stumped for what to write in your news blog? Afraid you might turn people off if you write the wrong thing? Wondering how to make it all seem smart?


Don't worry....Here are some great ideas for material for your blog.

So what do I put in my news blogBut first, let me remind you that you are in business on the internet and your business is to sell, sell, sell. Whether you are an affiliate marketer or you produce your own product or you drop ship, your task (I hate the word, 'job") is to interest your website visitors enough that they will click on a link to buy.

To do this, you will want to write an entry for your blog that is 75 - 150 words long.

Don't get me wrong. It can be longer. Heck, you can write a full-blown article every day and post it to your blog. Nothing wrong with that, at all!

What ever the length, here are some ideas for getting content to fill your blog pages and send out across the web with RSS!

Just remember to ALWAYS include keyword phrases in your title and scatter sparsely in the content (depending upon it's length)...and rotate keyword phrases using different one for different entries.

Types of content you can include are:

1.) News stories
Search the news pages at Google and Yahoo using your keyword phrases from your website. Find a news story and write about the news or copy a paragraph, put it in quotes, make a comment or two about it in the post! (I usually include a source link out to where I picked up the article if I put actual quotes from the news piece in my entry.)

2.) Interviews
Interview people in your industry, around your neighborhood, on the net or wherever the people are who are related to the content of your website. You can write up simple 4 -5 question interviews and email to those who might fill them out for you or pass out to colleagues, friends, fellow hobbyists, etc. Get their permission to post on your website (in your news blog) and that's ready made content!

3.) Poll Results
Run a poll on your website and post the results with a short write-up about what the results mean to you and/or your target market.

4.)  Stories
Collect stories about your site theme....again from fellow hobbyists, neighbors, people in the industry. You can research the web and find stories that might be available for reprint. If you find a story that you like, you can always write the author and ask permission to reprint part of or all of the story on your news blog.

5.) Include Quotes and Famous Sayings
There are tons and tons of websites that have quotes on them. Flush out a short entry with a quote from a famous person that fits your website theme. Quotes are not copy-writable so you are free to use without reference!

6.) Industry Specific News
If you are a specialist in your industry where you have access to professional journals, press releases and other pertinent information that you can share with the public?

7.) Excerpts from Articles
Your affiliate merchant may have articles that you can reprint to promote their product. Think about taking an article and breaking it up into several pieces and using the shorter excerpts for several entries. No reason why you have to use the whole article in one entry, is there? (Be sure to populate with various keyword phrases from your website and include your affiliate encoded links in the content to your affiliate merchant's site!)

8.) Tips and More Tips
People love short and snappy tips. Set up a series of entries around a tip a day or tip a week...or select a certain day of the week that will always have a special tip.

9.) Quizzes
Set up some a quiz and ask readers to participate! That's what is so good about the comments feature of your news blog! This makes your site sticky!

Well, this is a short list but packed full of ideas for what the heck to put in your news blog.

I hope you found it useful....keep on bloggin!

Tim Koen

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