Article Template Modification Shows How To Code The Article Template To Include Meta tags and Google AdSense.
Plus add comments & auto-discovery to your articles, too!


Note: Before you begin, please be sure that you have read the tutorial, Understanding How The EasyBlogs Template Works so you can get around the different parts of your template.

Modifying Your Blog Template

Step 1. Open the Easy Blogs software and go to All My Blogs and then, click on Template Editor

modify template
article template modification

Step 2open and select the template from the list that you are currently using for your blog.

choose template

Step 3. Click on the "Article Pages" Tab on the left.

articles tab template

I. Add Meta tags & Auto-discovery

Step 1. Go to the "Start of Page" tab of the Articles Pages (be sure you are in the Article Pages of the template editor.

articles tab

Step 2. Delete the lines that say:

<META Name="Description" Content=" ">
<META Name="Keywords" Content=" ">

Step 3. Insert the following 2 lines of code:

<meta name="keywords" content="[thispage.metatag.keywords%]">
<meta name="description" content="[thispage.metatag.description%]">

Step 4. Right below where you inserted the code in Step 3, insert your auto discovery code using the following steps:

Step 4a. Copy and paste the below code into Notepad or some other HTML editor (don't use WORD!):

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Title of Your Blog" href="">

Step 4b. Modify the red sections of the code to fit your website.

Step 4c. Copy the modified code into your template right below where you inserted the code in Step 3 above.

When done, it will look like this:

autodicovery article
article template modification

Click Save save disc in the top menu bar to save your insertions.

II. Add AdSense

To add the AdSense code to your article,  go to the "Article" tab of the "Articles Pages" section of the template editor.

article tab
article template modification

Insert the code from your AdSense account between the ADSENSE markers using the 300 X 250 med rectangle for best results.

Click Save save disc in the top menu bar to save your insertions.

III. Add Haloscan comments code

(If you have not created your Haloscan account, please see this tutorial before proceeding.)

Step 1. Go to the "Start of Page" tab of the "Articles Pages" part of the template editor find the markers to paste Code 1 into the template between the markers:

<!--INSERT HALOSCAN CODE 1 - start -->

<!--INSERT HALOSCAN CODE 1 - end -->

Note: Code 1 looks like this except the red code which is your Haloscan id:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""> </script>

Note: You may copy the code here but be sure to replace "yourid" with our Haloscan id.

articles tab
article template modification

Step 2. Go to the "End of Page" tab of the Article Pages part of the template editor and insert the modified version of Code 2 (found below) inside the markers that say, as follows:

<!--INSERT HALOSCAN CODE 2 - start -->

<!--INSERT HALOSCAN CODE 2 - end -->

Copy and Paste this code in between the markers for CODE 2: (do not alter this code in any way)

<a href="javascript:HaloScan('[]');" target="_self"><script type="text/javascript">postCount('[]');</script></a>

articles page - end of page
article template modification


Click Save save disc in the top menu bar to save your insertions.

Go to the tutorial, How To Create Articles In Easy Blogs That Are Fully Search Engine Optimized and Ready For RSS Syndication! to Setup your Settings....very important so don't miss this step!

Have you added the meta tags feature to your default pages? Find the tutorial to add meta tags to your default pages is here.

Article template modification SBI Rss Tutorial shows you how to code the Articles Pages section of your Easy Blogs Templates to include the keyword and description meta tags along with INSERT markers for Google AdSense 300 X 250 Medium Rectangle AdSense block in the body of your article content and...add commenting features to your articles.


All template modifications require that you:

a) re-publish, re-generate your pages in the blog software
b) re-upload ALL pages of your blog to your SBI site.

That wraps up Article Template Modification SBI Rss Tutorial. To get the full tutorial look here.

Get SBI Rss Tutorial
SBI RSS Tutorial - get it here

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