MLM Facts
What Your Up-line Won't Tell You

Multi-Level-Marketing, MLM for short has been one of the most productive and destructive online business models ever used by small business.


Some have used it to create successful businesses, large corporations and enormous wealth. While others have lost their livelihood, endured humiliation and went bust without ever realizing what hit 'em.

It is true that some distributors have earned the lifestyle of the rich and famous. While, it is also true that 97% of MLMers fail. Much of this is due to the blind leading the blind attitude that has been the mainstay of Network Marketing for decades if not centuries.

The MLM industry has been around since dawn of the industrial revolution. When "snake-oil-salesmen" tried to promote the latest "get-rich-quick" scheme to the uneducated masses (that still happens today). It did not matter what the product was or how good it was for you, it was marketed in many ways.

Many desperate folks took up the banner and joined all kinds of fly by night businesses. There were the Bible-Thumpers in the Midwest, the Snake-Oil-Salesmen in the Old West, the Fuller-Brush-Man and my favorite the Kirby-Vacuum-Cleaner-Guy. All extinct now, but their methods live on.

These are the roots of modern day Multi-Level-Marketing. Nearly all the methods and techniques of today's MLM industry were developed then and are still being taught today. Many excellent marketing strategies were developed that still get passed on. Such as: direct mail, cold calling, mass media advertising and of course the warm circle of friends. Only 3% of the top distributors make any money doing it this way.

This business model has persisted over the years.

Why? Because it works. Or at least it used too, Right?

Sure, if your satisfied with spending all your time working with 5-10 people a day, racking up enormous utility bills, enduring rejection and a low return on investment. Do you think the top marketers are doing this. No way, they are managing their business' with better tools and a different business model.

The real success stories in MLM are marketing on the Internet with their own websites. And guess what they are marketing? the MLM?.... Nope - that's not it.
The Product then - Nope that's not it either.

Stand Back!

Here It Comes!

Wait A Sec!

Hold On to Your Shirt!

Here It Is!

They are marketing "their own brand, themselves".

That's Right. It is never apparent on the surface but the basic fact is:

Customers buy from people they trust. Period.

So...successful network marketers market the best assets they have first... themselves, then the product, then their MLM and in that order. Your unique brand is yourself, market that successfully and your credibility will sell the product and the business opportunity.

Why not be an expert at two things?

One of those expert things is the product/parent company that you promote. To be successful your product must posses superior attributes. Qualities that the global market recognizes as perceived value. Otherwise, why bother, right? If your product is not 100% credible you will never convince anyone to purchase it.

Top distributors are very well educated in their particular niche. Professionals if you will, experts in their field. But that is not enough is it? Knowing your product is extremely important, but so what if nobody likes you or knows about you?

The other expert thing top distributors possess is personality. The one unique brand that everyone has, is personality. Think about it, everything we do reflects on ourselves. Top marketers reverse that and reflect themselves on their business with the one thing that no one else has....uniqueness.

Almost Everything You’ve Ever Been Taught About Building A Network Marketing Business Is Pure BS!

And here’s why: In this industry we have a genuine case of the blind leading the blind. Network marketing is very unique in that it’s the only business opportunity that’s ever been marketed to the general public on such a massive scale.

Your average, every-day American is told that they can jump right into this, with no prior experience what-so-ever and make a killing within 6 months! For example, on the website of one well known multinational company, would-be distributors are told that “You don’t have to be a pro to succeed!”

Lie #1 - Everyone is your prospect!

An article found in a popular network marketing publication declares that, “You just have to believe that everyone is your prospect!” This insane belief has led to such ridiculous practices as the “3 foot rule” and the “when in doubt, blurt it out” technique. Because of this lie, people have the mistaken idea that talking to anyone and everyone they come within arms length of is an effective recruiting technique.

But they said: "Anyone can do this"

Now-a-days, just about anybody can start a small home based business and potentially grow it into a large corporation. More and more entrepreneurs are giving it a try. And like the early businesses they need the best information to grow their business.

Are your mentors giving you the wrong information? Do they tell you "to be a success you have to have multiple streams of income". I think not! You may have heard all the hype about product training and recruiting and old fashioned business building techniques.

"We have a proven business model, it is the only one you need"

Have you ever heard your sponsor recommend seeking out additional avenues of income? Highly doubtful. And why not? It they're so interested in your growth why don't they recommend that you branch out and cover more bases. More than likely you are being told you "can't do that or you risk losing your distributorship".

Oh please! Your parent company probably has many joint venture business' that they are involved in. One Major MLM company states that "you are not allowed to promote competitive products". That is not saying you cannot promote complimentary products. For instance: If you write an ebook about your product and sell it for $10.00. And that e-book generates income from selling your main product, and growing your downline they may just give you an award.

The best business model, your upline never told you about

To get ahead or even just get started you will need to gain an online presence.  There are many good ways to do this including social media, paid advertising and a multitude of free applications. But the only real way to connect in Internet marketing is with a website you can call your own.

Lie #1 - Everyone is your Prospect The 7 great lies of Internet Marketing.

You wouldn't believe what secrets your sponsor may be keeping from you. This controversial e-book explains the myths, lies and truths about MLM and the Internet-Marketing industry. This 35 page FREE e-book tells it like it is. (What your parent company doesn't want you to hear)

The truth about MLM explained:

  • Have you heard these lies?
    1. Everyone is your prospect.
    2. This isn't sales - we just share products with people.
    3. Anyone can do this!
    4. We'll build your business for you.
    5. We have the best product ever!
    6. You just don't have enough belief
    7. The proven system. (What you really should know. And why your upline doesn't teach you this.)

Not only that, it also contains some of the most valuable marketing principles that you will ever learn. Learning and applying these faithfully to all your endeavors is guaranteed to bring you phenomenal results.

7 Great Lies of Internet Marketing e-book
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