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November 2009

Computer cartoon with hands outYou are on an archive entries page. In this section are blog posts and article teasers. Every time an entry is made it is stored on this page.

Blog entries are listed by month. If you remember when an entry was made you can find it quickly from this listing. Thanks for reading.

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Mass Article Control - Creator and Submitter

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Gooooooood Morning, Website Tips

Welcome to Website Tips (formerly Tool Time) blog. As with all good things, they don't last forever. There comes a time when you have just have to say "this isn't good enough any more, I can do better!" And so it happens they we endeavor to create a better solution. Am I right?

So, the decision was made to change the name of this blog. A lot of issues were considered before the decision was made. I thought a new name would go nicely with the new look. Tool Time isn't as good a name as Webstie Tools Tips is.

Along with the new look, some new features have been added. Notice on the right side there is now a category listing. On the left I have included the main navigation menu for the whole website, instead of just a link.

The biggest reason to change the name was to compete in the search engines. This blog began in a time when SEO was a far off land. I have since realized the paramount importance of having the right name.

Instead of continuing with a blog name that was not quite right, I knew it was time to align the blog name with it's purpose, to bring you website tips.

One thing that didn't change is the name of the xml file. Your reader should still get the right rss feed. Only now it will show up as Website Tips instead of Tool Time. All The Best Tim Koen

Cost Per Action (CPA) Marketing Business

Zero Friction Marketing (ZFM) is the newest and most comprehensive e-course tutorial on cost per action (CPA) marketing. The Internet has become the number one way people search for goods and services. Why not take advantage of the "Big Companies" who need help getting their offers in front of potential customers? Now you can get your share of this multi-million dollar pie.

Zero Friction MarketingCost Per Action marketing is one of the simplest methods for Internet marketers to make money online. For years, CPA marketing has been an insider secret of the top "gurus." It was never really a "secret," but while most top marketers were busy promoting affiliate products, these top gurus were keeping this business model to themselves. (Not Anymore)

Zero Friction Marketing is named so because of the ease in which it generates revenue. The harder it is for people to purchase something online the more friction it causes. ZFM teaches you how to tap into the low or zero friction online shoppers.

When you are just getting started, you will be on a steep learning curve. CPA can be very challenging. Many beginners simply get frustrated and give up when they don't succeed in the short term. ZFM shows you how to plan, promote, execute and start making money right away (and for the long term).

Zero Friction Marketing Teaches

All aspects of the CPA business model are covered in ZFM. You learn from a master, who shows you how to rake in huge checks (literally). Step by step instructions shows you exactly how to do it. Zero Friction Marketing is not just another 'copy and paste' system, it is a comprehensive "what you need to know" tutorial with a 'copy and paste' system.

The Zero Friction Marketing System gets you off on the right foot! Start making money right away without the stress of worrying about losing your shirt. Step by step tutorial shows you how to put together a money making system (that the super gurus don't want you to know about).

Zero Friction Marketing shows you exactly how to build a successful CPA marketing business with the right information. You learn through a series of videos and reports that takes the mystery out of this highly profitable business. Get ZFM, Before Its Gone.

Zero Friction Marketing
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: : November 2009

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