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Tim Koen
Hazel Park, MI
Webmaster / Entrepreneur
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I started building websites and blogs in 2006. My favotite tools are Site Build It! and EasyBlogs. The combination of these tools allows you to publish professional websites and blogs fast and consistently. Best Website Tools was created to teach you how to use these tools for your online business.

Fixed-Width-EasyBlogs-Template is another great tool we'd like to tell you about. It is intended to show the power of using AJ's fixed width 3 column CSS template in EasyBlogs software. AJ kindly allowed me to create an EasyBlog template for the collection of SBI templates in SBI Rss Tutorials (formerly SiteBuildItRss).

Let's get started

The template deisign is based on AJ's main.css and the 3 column fixed width template that he provides in his "Upload Your Own HTML" website building package. BWT transfered the html of that template into EasyBlogs software. Or was it the other way around? We transfered the EasyBlog template into AJ's format. Technically speaking the two templates were married into a powerful new blogging technique. You get all the advantages of both systems plus easy integration into your SBI website.

The webpages are a blend of AJ's template with EasyBlogs blogging capabilities incorporated into it. You can see the blog style with entries, categories, archives and static webpages. The outside columns are from AJ's sample page that show the CSS formating. BWT added space at the bottom to include the EasyBlogs navigation and RSS feed. We also included the EasyBlogs menu into the left sidebar.

As you move through the pages on this blog notice that they change from the tier 1 page to tier 2 pages to article or tier 3 pages. This shows the configurablity of this template. With a little imagination you can make numerous page styles from one template.

Let's not forget the CSS capabilities

Well, you'll have to read "Upload your own HTML" to get the lowdown on that. For those that know CSS rest assured all of that is incorporated in this Fixed-Width-EasyBlogs-Template.

Look for this template in SBI-Rss-Tutorials, where we teach you how to put a content rich dedicated blog on your SBI website. Check out this blog, click on the links at the bottom of this page. Notice how easy it is to navigate around.

To Your success Tim (Go to URL)

International business pack

Keep any images in this column to 150px wide or less. Image above is that width.

However, the column will fit 160x600 adsense skyscrapers, althought the 120px wide is better.

Energy bars

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