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Free Form Page for Special Effects and Applications

The free form page is here to show how capable EasyBlogs really is. I wanted to know for myself what could be done with this page so I made this one.

What is free form? Free form is an artist expression meaning you are free to use any and all techniques associated with a particular genre. Example: in olyimpic skiing there is free style mogul jumping. In swimming there is free style racing. In EasyBlogs free form means a special page not pre-formatted.

EasyBlogs is a template oriented html/cms editor. You create a template structure that builds the pages for you. The build process incorporates your content with your pre-built template. The editor generates all the pages everytime. This allows you to concentrate on just creating content.

Fade In List

You have 6 subtemplates to cover almost all page types. In EB you build the 6 sub-templates in the template editor. You add content with the Blog Entry editor. When you are ready to publish a single click of the 'Generate Pages' button literally builds every page in your website including an rss.xml page.

But! What if you have a special effect or application or content you want to incorporate into just one page? What if none of the template pages are suitable for what you want to do? What then? The free form page is not preformatted with any html code. This allows you to write the html and css code and the content all in same editor.

Blog Entry Editor

This allows a webmaster to use more special applications if s/he wants. On this page for example I have includes a fadeIn jquery script that acts on a list. In this case the top and left hand menu. If you didn't notice it then try refreshing to page to get it to run again.

I don't want every little program to run on every page so for those pages I use a free form page. Then I can I can pick and choose which Programs to Run.

Free Form Page Usage

test image test image test image test image test image test image
The special effect you see to the left is called a slider. It incorporates a jquery method that dissolves a series of pictures and captions and loops through them. You may not want this application on every page of your website because it tends to slow down page loading.

Page loading is very important to the speed of a website. Even the slightest slowdown can affect how a user uses the page. Which in turn can effect how high search engines rank the page.

The free form page can be used for many different applications. You can add or change any metatag or add functionality. You can use special css styling only for one page. A good example would be a thank you page after a purchase is made. Great for electronic media and ebook sales. Another great usage would for a one of a kind page, like this on.

I will use this page to test various web application techniques. When I discover something useful I will test it here then it will be incorporated appropriately.

: : Free form page allows webmasters to include special effects or one of website pages.

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