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September 2017

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Computer Problems How to Solve Them

Computer getting sickYou sit down at your computer to get in a day's work. All your equipment powers up just fine. Suddenly the power goes out and your equipment shuts off. This isn't supposed to happen because you have a backup power supply, but it didn't kick in.

A few days later your computer gets extremely slow. It gets slower by the minute. Uh oh you think, time for maintainence. You do a cache clean, de-frag and virus scan but nothing helps. The computer is dying. You hurrily back up what ever you can but it's too late. In the end your computer goes to the grave withholding all it's secrets.

Now what you ask? Start over? Yup, that is what I did. Here's how you can do it too. If you have computer problems and want to know how to solve them.

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