July 2015

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Miappmaker Mobile App Building Service.

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New look, new tools, new beginning. Hi everyone, in 12/2012 I signed off due to a new job. Since that time I have had 2 new jobs. Both of which I got laid off from. So, now I am restarting Best Website Tools.

This is my first blog in 2 years. Here is an exciting new service I am starting "Miappmaker" a mobile app building service. With this tool you can build your very own app or build apps for your customers. Miappmaker is an all inclusive service that builds, hosts and publishes your apps to the AppStore, Google Play and Kindle.

As a start up special I have very low introductory rates. My mentor tells me these prices are way below what other builders are asking for. These prices will remain low until I get too swamped to keep up.

New at BWT. How do you like the new look? I needed to make this site more mobile friendly. So, I got this new responsive template which you are looking at. The new template features larger text, more open space and mobile device versatility.

To get started building your own mobile app please visit...

: July 2015

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