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Down But Not Out Computer Virus Killed My Buddy

My Computer is dying. I woke it up the other day and the poor old thing just didn't want to go anywhere. Even a cup of coffee didn't help. So, I gave it a boot and then a re-boot. Finally I drop kicked it. Still it refused to budge.

I threatened to replace it with a younger, sexy model. I tickled and pounded it's digits. I cleaned it's cache, de-fragged the hard drive and medicated with anti-virus. But still I had to call a PC MD (computer doctor).

The doc said it probably got hit by lightening and fried a sector in the hard disc. He said take two Amazons and call me in the morning.

Then I went to Amazon and researched a new computer. Then I got a second opinion from mister Internet. He said 10.3 million results in 0.03 seconds.

Then I went back to Amazon and found a remedie for my computer illness. Meanwhile old mister computer is retiring.

I will be visiting periodically with prognosis updates. I have this tablet and can respond to inquiries from the Contact us form


Best Website Tools

Best Website tools for Internet tools and mobile apps. Articles, strategy and how to techniques for website and mobile devices design and build. Best Website Tools

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Site Build It! - Now Solo Build It 3.0 All The Tools to Create an Online Business Website

Site Build It is a collection of website business building tools and wysiwyg editor, design and build your own website.

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Article Template Modification For EasyBlogs to Add Meta Tags and RSS Auto Discovery

Article Template Modification for EasyBlogs templates. Add meta tags, RSS Auto Discovery and Google Adsense to your web pages.

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Articles Howto Add Articles To Your Website EasyBlogs Tutorial

Articles howto is a tutorial for creating article pagetypes in Easy Blogs. Learn about formatting, code settings for generating RSS-able articles and article teasers.

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Appendix Navigate Your Computer Find EasyBlogs

Appendix navigate to find your EasyBlogs pages,images and support files. Tutorial teaches content management techniques for EasyBlogs editor software..

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SBI Rss Articles For Easy Blogs Software and Usage

SBI Rss Articles and tutorials teach you how to use the Easy Blogs software and its applications.

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SBI Rss Blog

SBI Rss Blog - learn how to put a blog launch platform on your Site Build It website. Html and CSS templates available. SBI Rss Blog

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Affiliate Program 2 Cost Per Action Networks

Affiliate Program 2 earn commissions and residual income from online business. Top Affiliate marketers can earn 5 figure monthly incomes. Learn how to start today

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Solo Build It Review by a Real Person

My Solo Build It review. SBI is the real deal. Thoughts and opinions about how SBI has helped my online business. Written by a real person.

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