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Top 10 Start Up Tips to Work at Home

Thinking of starting a work at home business? Here are 10 tips you should consider when deciding what home based business to go into.

Work from home 10 useful start up tips

I made a list of criteria that would need to be met before I started my home based business. Consider each point carefully when looking for a home based business.

Top 10 home based business start up tips
  1. Must be a home based business, that can be done both online and offline. I wanted to be able to physially interact with the products and services
  2. Must have world wide appeal for products and services. Already I was thinking globally. At least the potential needed to be there.
  3. The products should be consumable (one time use). I thought it would be better to have consumable products that coud be sold over and over again. Persistent products (non-perishable) result in one time only sales. Which can make it extremely difficult to build a repeat customer base.
  4. Must be service oriented business. A service oriented business provides real people with solutions to problems and builds relationships. This is where experts are needed to provide information. Try to find a business that provides a service everybody needs or wants. That way you can become the expert in your field.
  5. The Products and services must be physically small in size so that I could stock a supply without having to give up my basement (and have have low shipping costs.)
  6. The products and services must benefit me as well as others. Like the saying goes "if you don't use it, you lose it." Your business will never survive if you don't consume the product yourself. At least I didn't think mine would.
  7. Must have a network marketing system that I can grow with (and build personal wealth).
  8. Most importantly is - I can not get fired, regardless of my performance or corporate decision to eliminate my position.
  9. Must have a personal connection with something I have passion for. Select or even create a niche that you feel passionate about.
  10. Must have a low cost start up plan.
Point number 10 needs just a little bit of clarification, because this is the money decision. You need to ask yourself what if this doesn't work? How much can I afford to lose? Obviously you want to make your money back as soon as possible. So select an opportunity has multiple business models that can be done both online and/or offline, has global presence and everybody needs.

Home Based Business Start up KitWhen considering my business I immediately ruled out anything that was free to join. The point is: free is to easy, and not probably worth anything. You want to invest in your business and that means buying a business start up kit. If you intend to do business offline you will need supplies, samples, marketing materials and business paraphanalia. So plan on spending some money, but not to much.

Next I ruled out any biz opp. that cost more than $100. The thinking here is that if this doesn't work, I don't want to lose too much money or have a bunch of left over stuff. Also, anything that has a high initial cost is probably too hard to do or requires too much training to grasp (and may result in finacial distress).

Take a close look at what is tangible in your business start up kit. Does it contain both online and offline componets? If all you get is digital material (e.g. ebooks, software, links, online business in a box, etc.) you have nothing you can physically share offline with real people. This is important in the early stages of your business. You need that touchy, feely sensation that a computer monitor just can't give you.

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: Marketing Tips : Top 10 start up tips for a home based business. 10 things to consider when deciding to work at home. Offline and online business models to think about.

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