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PPC Web Spy Caught and Tried | Keyword Tool

PPC Web Spy toolPPC Web Spy is a cool new keyword tool from Brad Callen. I caught up to it from a friend on Twitter who's tip came at just the right time. I was in want of a tool that could analyze Google Adwords. I wanted to know what keywords top advertisers were spending money on (and who were the cheap skates). So, I tried PPC Web Spy.

When I tried this tool, lights immediately went off in my head. This is way cool, I thought, this is what I need. This keyword tool can help my business!!! Then he went ahead and gave it to me for free. That's right FREE. And now he wants me to give it to you for free.

Not so fast Brad, I need to check it out first. You understand of course. Just need a little time to review it. So here we go:

It allows you to browse Google and view the Adwords keywords of ANY Adwords advertiser! Basically, it's a small file that gets installed into your web browser (i.e. Firefox).

When you do a Google search, the software automatically places a View Keywords button below every single Adwords advertiser.

Click the "view keywords" button and really neat popup window appears that not only shows you the keywords that any Adwords advertiser is bidding on, but it also shows you a TON of other information, like how much they're paying per click and how many clicks their getting.

PPC Web Spy tool

Brad, you should have told us about the advantages of this tool. Like finding the most clicked upon keyeword and how easy that is to do. Oh yeah, you do that in the video tutorials that come with the software.

Well, you should have mentioned all the other training that comes with the software. Like the viral marketing and affiliate programs. Don't worry, I'll give you another chance.

Keyword analysis window The software is free, but will likely not be free forever. Anyway, here is the link where you can download the software, and it doesn't cost anything.

=> PPC Web Spy Tool

Okay, I should have kept this one secret. Who knows how long this will be free. Maybe I'll just give it away for a little while then take it down. Get it while you still can.

PPC Web Spy tool

Tim Koen P.S. Here's the link where you can get the free Adwords keyword tool again: => PPC Web Spy... Read Full Article

: Marketing Tips : PPC Web Spy keyword tool finds the keywords your competition is using to increase their CTR in Google AdWords. Analyze the competition's best ad campaigns.

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