PeerFly CPA Network

PeerFly CPA Network

PeerFly CPA network takes affiliate marketing to a whole new level. Enter "Cost Per Action" (CPA) marketing. In this type of marketing you can promote reputable products and make affiliate commissions as well.

Here's how it works. You place an offer on your website, and when someone acts on it you receive a portion of the advertising cost. The ad network receives a portion (and if you are an affiliate) your sponsor receives a portion. This division of profit ensures that the network continues to grow. It also guarantees that the advertiser gets widespread distribution of his offer.

PeerFly CPA ad network

CPA Networks

CPA Networks are companies that act a a go between for advertisers and publishers. Let's say an advertiser wants targeted syndication of his/her adverisement but doesn't want any fly by night websites to support. So they put it upon the CPA company to screen and qualify the applicants.

This ensures that the advertiser gets syndication on quality websites. And the network company doesn't need to accept poorly contrived marketing campaigns. For you that means you have to apply and be accepted into the network before you can start publishing. So you'll want to be prepared when you apply.

Application Tips

When you apply be prepared to answer these questions.:
  • Why do you want to join this network?
  • How do you plan to market our offers?
  • Have you ever been kicked out of a network?
You may have to talk to a representative or a qualified associate to become approved. So, you will also want to prepare a few short statements that answer these questions. You may be asked for personal information about your tax status too. But this really standard policy for doing busness online.

Two great things typically occur with CPA's.

  1. The CPA company keeps track of all your clicks, statistics and commissions earned. You simply log in and view your affiliate data.
  2. You get one check from one company for all the offers you earn commissions from. The advantage to this is that you don't have many different campaigns to watch and wait for the accumulated value to reach the required threshhold. It's all rolled into one

This type of monetization opens a great deal of marketing methods for the publisher. Most offers have a wide range material to work with. You could use in text links, banner ads, blogs, full landing pages even write your own ebook or article.

PeerFly CPA

A favorite CPA is PeerFly network and applied for membership. The verification period took less than 2 days and was accepted. So this is a good sign that the network is well managed and maintained. There are over 400 offers to promote with new ones being added on a regular basis.

If are an Internet marketer you have to check this one out..PeerFly CPA..

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