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Kontera Contextual Ads Service For Your Website or Blog

I finally joined Kontera contextual ads service. As a life time procrastinator I was in no rush, but finally took the leap. After himmming and hahhing for about 12 months I went ahead and added it to my (other) website Herbal Nutrition Solutions.com. Here's a sample..

Kontera Contextual Ads Service

In case you aren't familiar with Kontera, it is a service that applies advertising links to keywords on your webpages . When someone clicks on the links you get paid. :-) At first I thought this will be hard to implement, then I figured out a way to add it to (almost) every page. Ahhh the magic of Easy Blogs (the software I use to create my websites and blogs). In the end it was easy. Okay, I maybe exadurating a little. I did do some planning.

Baiscally, after you sign up and get approval, you are given a unique code chunk that you add to the end of your webspages.

Here's the scoop: I procrastinated because I thought the return on investment was too low. Here was my thinking. If I only made 3 cents per click, then I might be losing money. Because the advertisers can spend so little per ad, I thought I might get a bunch of cheapskates robbing me of potential customers, (didn't happen). I thought it did not make sense for me to put Kontera contextual ads on my website at that time.

One year later it does make a lot of sense. I figured contextual ads might siphon potential customers away from my main business and reduce clicks on higher income earners (that ain't going to happen). A year ago I didn't see the value, now I do.

kontera contextual ads service earns you moneyWhy in just the one short week since implementing Kontera I've earned over $XX.XX USD (I can't tell you the real amount). Okay that may not seem like a lot of money, but to me it's a bundle. Here's why, that same space did not earn anything in the last 2 years, now it has the potential to earn $1000's per year. I could get to like that!!!

Also in that short time I have noticed the ads are more and more targeted to my content. Another noticable increase in the amount of money per click I'm earning from the ads.

Kontera contextual ads are cool looking, to say the least. When you mouse over the text links they flyout an advertisement, and fly away when you mouse off of them. This adds professionalism to the rest of the page.

I have noticed a lot more clicks on my pages and a bunch of spiders crawling around too. This is not a get ich quick scheme rather a new income stream that will take time to grow. If you are an Internet marketer you may like the affiliate program that goes with it.

Okay, that was a plug for Kontera contextual ads service, but hey isn't webmastering about earning money? Check it out and earn money for yourself..

: Affiliate Programs : Kontera Contextual Ads Service has given me a bunch of people and spiders crawling around my website and blogs.

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