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List Building Bullet Review | Email Marketing Campaign Strategies

List Building Bullet straight into the heart of your niche market. Proven strategies to successful list building and email marketing campaigns.


This ebook starts off by educating us on the philosophy of why you need an email list to grow your business. Then goes on to describe what you need and finishes with explaining how to create, grow and manage your email list.

Inside you learn about each element of a successful email marketing campaign. You learn the concepts used by master email marketers to generate huge lists and huge income. All tied together for a complete knowledge base.

List Building Bullet - Table of Contents

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  1. The Truth About List Building, 4
  2. Your Incentive Offer, 8
  3. Building a High Converting Squeeze Page, 18
  4. Creating a Killer Backend System, 30
  5. Building Your Mailing List, 36
  6. Feeder Sites, 43
  7. Social Marketing, 51
  8. Monetising Your Email List, 55
  9. Creating Winning Email Campaigns, 58

The ebook touches on many aspects of building a list with recommendations for specific tools and methods of operation. Like:

  • Squeeze Page
  • Autoresponder account
  • Incentive offer
  • Content

List Building Bullet lays out step by step strategies for each item in the above list. The concepts are sound but lack examples to illustrate in more detail. On the other hand the ebook covers a lot of ground. The explanations are to the point yet very inclusive.

To detail every aspect of every concept of an email marketing campaign would make this tutorial too large, cumbersome and unnecessary. It would be nice to have more graphic illustrations of the various tools covered but not having them isn't a drawback either.

I found the content well organized and very complete and gets my "quality" grade for ebooks. I recommend reading it cover to cover before implementing any of the strategies. Then go back to the start and walk through the steps laid out in order. There is a lot to do and jumping around would take much longer than going step by step.

Email Marketing - The Guru's Secret Weapon

There is a lot to do, so getting a feel for it first, is a wise thing to do. My hosting provider Site Build It has many of the described processes built into the website builder. But if you don't have SBI then there are alternatives provided to get everything you need.

The thing I really liked about this ebook is that it forces you to use your imagination. Unlike other eBooks on the subject that say do this, do that, this one offers several options and lets you pick the best ones.

List Building BulletLBB has recommendations for creating squeeze pages, incentive offers and backend promotions. List Building Bullet has examples of emails but doesn't push any specific templates, website design packages or canned autoresponders.

Rather it guides you through the process of creating your own campaign, tailored to your product (or affliliate product).

Most of all LBB eBook ties together what a successful email marketing campaign needs, how to put it all together and how to succeed with your email list.

My endorsement: get List Building Bullet and read it carefully. It could make the difference in whether your email marketing business explodes or dies on the vine.

Tim Koen

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: SBI Rss Tutorials : List Building Bullet exposes the secret weapon gurus use to generate huge sales. Learn about email marketing campaign strategies and growing a massive list.

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