Choose It - Decision Making Tool
You make the choice

Choose It helps you with your decision making process. After you've done your research and need to make an informed decision turn to this neat little tool.


Example: (How to use the tool)

  1. Ask a question like "How do I select a home based business."
  2. List possible solutions. (Multilevel marketing, online e-goods, computer consultant or affiliate marketer.)
  3. List what is important. (Add a factor and rate it). Such as "Have previous skills to apply" or "High return on investment" or "Low start-up cost" and "All of the above"
  4. Compare possible answers (Score each factor on a scale of 1-100)
  5. Click "Decide" get the best possible answer based on your ratings and scores.

Choose It!

Answer: Decision making tool. Use it to make important business, financial, even life-changing decisions. Yes, really! It brings amazing clarity, your own clarity, to any complex question or problem.

People have used it to... Decide upon important strategic directions for their businesses, select career paths for their adult children, decide upon vacation destinations, and even to make the monumental decision about what to have for lunch (bacon sandwich or cheese sandwich or bacon and cheese sandwich).

How It Works

The process is based upon a classic decision making model that we all use intuitively for easy questions or problems (ex., "Do I?" or "Don't I?" with columns of "pros" and "cons"). But that simple process breaks down badly for more complicated decisions.

This cool tool builds a simple-yet-sophisticated decision making matrix while you complete a step-by-step decision tree. This decision making process organizes your thinking. Result? You make correct choices for the most complex, nuanced questions.

Best of all, it's free! Ready to do the Quick Tour?

The beauty is that you actually make the decision. As long as you consider all important possible answers and factors, and as long as you score truthfully and don't guide Choose It! to the answer you "secretly" want, you simply cannot make a mistake. Enjoy!

SBI! owners use a special version of this tool to select their optimal site niche/theme, after they gather all the data generated by SBI!'s best-of-breed Brainstorm It!. Inferior "brainstormers" alone cost more than SBI!'s all-in-one suite of tools. SBI! owners basically receive everything else that SBI! delivers, including success, for "less than free."

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