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How to Build Html
Tutorial with templates ebook

This is the home page of Learn tricks - like how to add this tool tip.How to Build Html TutorialLearn tricks - like how to add this tool tip

Basic to advanced Html tutorial. Teaches Html coding and more importantly how to use it correctly. I have seen many HTML tutorials, all of them pretty good. This is one of my favorites. When you are finished you will have 5 new web pages all set up to be templates for your own website. You can see from this page exactly what I mean. It was built with the "How to Build Html" tutorial.

  1. My Favorite Websites
  2. - Made ya look!
  3. Inside Html Tutorial - Chapter preview
  4. Templates - 12 bonus templates
  5. HTML Code - Make your own page, like this one.

My favorite Web Sites

What's inside Build Html Tutorial

    1. How to create common tags - Control the attributes and properties of your Html web page.
    2. Tables - Allow you to divide your virtual real estate into columns and rows.
    3. Forms - Collect information from your visitors such as surveys, polls, personal info, or comments.
    4. Lists - numbered or unnumbered lists like this one.
    5. Links - allow you to navigate through your website, web pages or anywhere else on the web.
    6. Images - the correct way to code your images for size, position and justification.
    7. Frames - allow you to have complete control over your webpage. This page is an example.
    8. Comments - help you stay organized, send a note or describe your code for clarity.
    9. Meta tags - are used by the search engines to help describe (and rank) your web pages.
    10. Escape codes - html tags often come in pairs, an open and a close tag.
    11. Advice on style basics, reference guides, graphics resources and more.
Go to Build HTML download page.

How to Build Html Tutorial
Build Your Own web pages

Go to Build HTML download page.

Starter Templates

You also get 12 simple templates that you can use to create your own catalog. The templates are old by today's standards but if you are just starting to learn Html then they are perfect for you. Look for the link in your ebook that says Click here to download templates.

Html Code

Learn how to build a web page like this one. You get all the code right in the ebook to create your own framed page. How to Build Html ebook covers basic to advanced Html tutorial. Easy to read and navigate 12 Catalog page templates included when you download. Tutorial teaches you how to create common tags, tables, forms, lists, links, images, frames, comments, Meta tags and escape codes.

Advice on design layout, website navigation, clean code, style do's and don'ts, browsers and search engines. Tutorial contains practise code to teach methods and techniques for building web pages from scratch. Go to Download page.

Build Html Tutorial

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